Publishing our first book!


Over the past couple of months, the team here at Zuri and Bora have been working extremely hard to add another element to our world: writing. As freelancers, independent travelers and aspiring writers, it has been our dream for a while now to produce books that make a positive contribution to the world, in keeping with our charitable and business values.

The first book that we have published is Depression: I Don’t Understand by the wonderful Charlie Garrick. In Charlie’s short memoir, he shares his incredibly emotive, often humorous and at all times desperately honest account of what it’s like to live with depression, in a world where his family and friends struggle to understand him.

His powerful story gives readers a new perspective on depression, that of someone who is currently suffering from the chronic illness and is not sure where his journey will take him next. We hope that Charlie’s story will help others find solace in their lives and will encourage others to realise that it’s OK not to understand and it’s OK to share your thoughts and emotions.

This book is for everyone, regardless of whether you have suffered with depression, have lived with someone who has depression, or simply want to learn more about the illness and how it affects the lives of ordinary people.

In less than two weeks, Charlie’s book has been downloaded just short of 500 times! The paperback version has just been released and the audiobook version is coming very soon, too! So if you haven’t donwloaded it yet, get over to Amazon and get yours for ONLY £2.49 (ebook) and £3.99 (paperback).

You can download his book NOW by following the link below:

We would also really appreciate it if you leave an honest review for Charlie, once you have read his book of course!

Bora Ventures x

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