Depression: I Don’t Understand

We have a big announcement to make! Considering the early success of Charlie’s ebook, we’ve decided to keep the cost at £0.99 ($1.26) because we want it to be available to everyone, to try and show people that it’s OK to share stories about #depression #anxiety and #mentalhealth. Charlie’s story is emotional, powerful and brutally honest. But it’s an incredible insight into how #depression can affect your life. It’s available online at below, or also on – Please download and share, we hope this short memoir can help people wherever they are in the world.
Charlie’s story is beautifully written and he bravely draws on his own experiences to share his story of his illness, and he hopes that his book will bring solace and perhaps even inspiration to people who are going through similar problems in their lives. You are more than welcome to contact the author – – by using our contact form to send him a message. He’d be delighted to hear your stories and would be really grateful to receive feedback from his readers.
If you decide to download Charlie’s book, please do make sure that you leave an honest review on Amazon after you have read it, to encourage others to invest in his memoir.
Thanks again,
BV x

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