#HelpingNotHelping: More on the Voluntourism debate

Earlier this month, JK Rowling, who needs little introduction, spoke very candidly about Voluntourism. Focusing on Orphanages in poor countries around the world, Rowling said: “Despite the best of intentions, the sad truth is that visiting and volunteering in orphanages drives an industry that separates children from their families and puts them at risk of … Continue reading #HelpingNotHelping: More on the Voluntourism debate

Kishunju Primary School: A story of Rebuilding

One week after returning from Uganda in April of this year, we heard from our Ugandan team that the classroom blocks at Kishunju Primary School, housing students from Nursery class through to P5, had been totally destroyed in a storm. This news was particularly worrying, given the fact that there were students inside the classrooms … Continue reading Kishunju Primary School: A story of Rebuilding

Uganda 2019: Arden Academy – Student Reflections

Last week I promised to share with you reflections of the students that visited Uganda as part of the Arden Academy trip of April this year. Here they are. I hope you enjoy reading them. Frankie Smith For me, Uganda was an experience of a lifetime. It opened my eyes to the opposing lives people … Continue reading Uganda 2019: Arden Academy – Student Reflections

Direct payments: The future?

I've been totally addicted to researching the promising future that appears to be ahead of 'direct payments' within the field of International Development. The term, and the concept, were launched by the organisation, aptly named as GiveDirectly.  I have shared a link to their website below, should you wish to learn more about their work: … Continue reading Direct payments: The future?